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Biting – When toddlers bite, it is upsetting to all involved - parents, care givers and the children. Biting is one of the most challenging behaviors that toddlers exhibit. Knowing some of the reason a child bites can enable us to figure out how to help our toddlers learn more positive behaviors.

Study Habits – Just as you will teach your children to be respectful from an early age, you should begin developing good study habits from an early age as well. In preschool age children, start a time everyday in which you read stories, learn shapes, and colors, and every day experiences. When these children reach elementary school, they will be familiar with set expectations.

Tutoring – When a child constantly doesn't want to go to school or suffers headache or stomach pains, this can be a sign that he/she may need help. Read more about knowing when a child needs tutoring help and what signs a parents can look for to help his or her child in this area by going to the links below:

Why Outdoor Play is So Important = "Get Outside and Play" – National Wildlife Federation's (NWF) newest promotion is getting children outside to play. Children used to spend hours outside everyday, but now those hours are spent in front of some sort of electronic device. The NWF is encouraging parents to make sure their children get outside everyday.